Marla stands at a podium in a large room. The words, Marla Runyan, Guest Speaker appear on the screen behind her


Marla currently speaks at conferences, fund-raisers, banquets, and race expos around the country. Previous speaking engagements are listed below. 


Genentech (2014)
Regeneraon (2012)
Shell Trading Gas and Power (2007)
Bank of America (2004)
Merck (2004)
Novartis (2004)
Fleet Bank (2001)
Collagenex (2001)
Lenscrafters Give the Gift of Sight Spokesperson (2000)

Conferences & Fund-Raisers

Lighthouse of Pinellas (2011)
Community Services for the Blind, Seattle, WA (2009)
Conference of Ophthalmology, TX (2003)
Wisconsin Track Coaches Association (2005)
Perkins School for the Blind (2001-2003)
United States Association of Blind Athletes (2000, 2007)
Teachers of the Visually Impaired TAER Conference, Corpus Christi, Texas (2001)


Colleges & Universities 

Lasell College, Leadership Conference (2014)
College at Brockport, Diversity Conference (2011)
Oregon Health and Science University Low Vision Symposium (2000, 2006)
UC Santa Barbara National Girls and Women in Sports Day (2006)
University of Central Lancashire, Honorary Fellowship, Commencement Speaker (2002)
Western Oregon University Commencement Speaker (2001)

marla speaks holding a microphone

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